Isis fights for cultural justice!

In 1995, the Texas Board of Cosmetology charged Isis with breaking cosmetology regulations, by braiding hair without a license. She was taken to court and found guilty, however they couldn't find an actual violation to charge her with.

They put her case off for two years so they could invent a violation to charge her with. In 1997, without so much as issuing a warrant seven undercover cops violently barged into Isis' place of business and arrested her in front of her clients. Some of Isis' jealous counterparts complained to the Texas Cosmetology Board that Isis was braiding without a license thus drawing legal attention to her situation. 

In 1995 Texas Cosmetologists were required to complete 1500 hours of teaching and most courses cost between $4000-$9000. Isis fought the state of Texas to review the ramifications of her rebellious actions and her historical relationship with the cultural art form of braiding. 

She asserts that the curriculum for hair braiders is the same as for hair weaving and the curriculum is not designed to educate natural hair care stylists who do NOT use chemicals about how to properly take care of natural hair. 

Isis has been educating underprivileged women in and outside of her community about the cultural artform of hair braiding for over 30 years. Since 1995 she has been fighting the state of Texas to justly and rightfully grandfather her as a pioneer hair braider who performed the craft long before the law existed. In 2004 Isis got legislation to lower the class hours from 1500 hours to 35 hours for those who want to solely practice natural hair care in the state of Texas.
Most recently in 2007 Isis was grandfathered by the state of TEXAS as the FIRST natural hair care expert and educator in the state. She is currently offering the ONLY natural hair care licensing COURSE in The State of Texas (we will need the link to the class page here).

The fight continues as Isis continues to share the experience and the importance of the art form of Ancestral braiding as a craft, tradition, and integral part of her heritage.

In addition, she is also making headway toward establishing a nationally recognized braiding school to satisfy the growing need for cultural education.

Isis a heroine i her community and nationwide and she has dedicated her life's purpose to healing others through her hands.  

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