The Isis Project

•  The purpose of The Isis Project (TIP) is to promote community development, through charitable fund raisers, special events, and educational training.
The mission of TIP:  To help in the development of small businesses in low income and historically impoverished urban areas; to provide assistance to the community in various capacities (e.g. food drives, counseling, mentoring, vocational training; to produce and provide organization and management for community events; to train, guide, encourage and oversee at risk individuals who seek and/or need interventive measures in order to become positive and productive citizens. The work of TIP, (by extension),  will help bring about solutions to domestic violence, the problems of teenage pregnancy, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, gang activity, bullying, homelessness, and countless other  ills that plague the urban areas of our city.    
TIP is a non exclusive organization; it reaches out to the entire community.  However, TIP’s particular emphasis is on the young at risk members of the community.
TIP is committed to the idea that through proper training and education all people, young people in particular, will better understand themselves and their roles in society, thus becoming more effective and productive members of the community.

The behavior that TIP cultivates is one of positive morality, values of excellence, uprightness, and integrity.
TIP is a multi cultural based organization whose teachings are based on the standards of positive American ideas and ideals.
Overall else, TIP is committed to human achievement with an analysis of the pitfalls and setbacks that have negatively affected the American experience.
TIP’s Motto:  Be accountable for and expect accountability from others regarding actions and inactions. Learn from our outcomes.  Always inspire creativity, passion, and optimism.  Always promote the values of Leadership, Collaboration, Integrity, Accountability, Passion, Diversity, and Quality.

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